With Parisian designers, the very finest soft Italian leathers, and customisable options every step of the way, Sotto recliners gently whisper luxury and style, refinement and individualism.

At Sotto, we pride ourselves on putting you first, and we recognise that each client will have different tastes, different requirements, and different personalities – all of which need to be reflected in our work.

As such, you will find here that almost every aspect of our recliners is customisable to you, making your piece as unique as you are.

After choosing the design of your recliner, and which stylish base it should sit on, you can select from a large range different leather fabrics, mixing and matching as you wish, selecting contrasting stitching or piping if desired.

Of course, we understand that sometimes these things are best done in person. As such, we invite clients to visit our showroom in Kent, or, for a modest fee (deductible from the final cost of the piece), we can bring the recliner to your home or office for you to try out in the precise surroundings.

From start to finish, the exemplary service you receive will reassure you that you are in the hands of skilled professionals.


Home Visit

Home Visit

Home Visit